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Ampere is our Flagship Automation Software that creates model just by providing specifications through a easy to fill userform. The model is then processed & sent to your mailbox within minutes. Learn More. . .

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Mars (Earlier EMF Pro) is our Excel Addin for financial professional widely used for model review and navigation. It has advanced utilities for Formula Tracing, Dependents, Model Map, Workbook Compare among others. Learn More. . .

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We have prepared complete models using Ampere with assumptions filled-in for anyone wishing to use ready-to-use models, created using Ampere, covering renewable energy and project finance.

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We use our proprietary Model Automation Software, AMPERE, to lower model building costs and ensuring best of the quality.

Our Capturing Market Sectors

Here are our main modelling sectors we cover but not limited to

Project Finance

We have considerable experience in the field of project finance for renewable and infrastructure, whether it is Bid model / Financial close, Development stage / Construction model, Operating model.


We have built many corporate models for financing, debt restructuring, strategic modelling, budgeting and revenue forecasting. We provide Power BI Dashboard along with training for our models.

Reporting & Analytics

We have the technical know how on building Excel Dashboard, Power Pivots, Power Query and Power BI for visually impressive powerful dashboards for management reporting and other analysis.

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Formula Tracer

A typical financial model has formulas left, right, top and bottom. Brimming with cell references located close by or far end of the sheet or a foreign sheet. Well not all models are built as per FAST ;) So modellers / auditors face challenges in checking formulas and identifying it's composition. Unfortunately excel doesn't provide a good method to navigate through far off references.

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Model Review through Model Map

How an easy self review can be conducted with map file of the workbook, explained here with details on what kind errors can be detected. It is gold standard in detecting formula inconsistency, which plagues many models. So, as a manager this is a must have utility for your team involved with financial models build or review.

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Begin with End in Mind

Why do financial models become more complex? Have you come across the situation where after doing the complex calculations you realize that it is of no use? Should you include everything all kinds calculations, balance, permutation / combinations without knowing the end goal of the model?

FAST Standard Signatory

Our team is well versed in F.A.S.T. It is the first financial modelling standard in the world accredited by Institute of Charted Accountants England & Wales. And, we are one of the FAST signatories.
Find us at Fast-Standard Organisation