Automation in Modelling for Professionals in Excel Software


Ampere is a new age modelling technique to create models rather than build based on user-defined parameters. Model is sent for processing and the freshly minted user customized model lands into your mailbox in just few minutes.

The best part is you do not a template but instead a user customised model. Parameters like timeline length, frequency, currency, revenue-cost categories, forecast method, etc can be chosen on a dropdown. So, without having to actually build painstaking calculations in excel, you can just instruct AMPERE what to make, saving you a lot of time which is rather spent on structuring and building repeated calculations.

With Ampere you can create Integrated Financial Statements along with Dashboard, helping you to save time to focus on Assumptions & Results. Complete models can be churned out (80%-100%) using the tool itself with the various customisation options already available.

Ride Automation Wave, before it's too late !

How does it work?

Ampere utilises it's internal logic library assimilated by experts, with thousands of well tested flexible logics to put together a robust model.

Benefits of using Ampere

-With Ampere, you can create models quickly without worry of errors
-Access range of pre-built Modular Templates customised to different sectors
-Benefit from best-of-the-best logics developed by experts over the years
-Now Focus on Results rather than fiddling with formulas
-Avoid sleepless nights while working on projects

Benefit for Corporates

-Using Ampere Modelling Framework, company can demolish silos and bring all individual modelling knowledge into one central hub
-Central hub will be used for storing all logics gathered by individuals, indexed and available to all within the organisation
-Compatible logics will be integrated with the the Modelling Engine Userform to enrich new models

Handle Busy Season with ease

-Ampere allows your Analysts to turnaround models quickly and handle many more projects than they could do previously
-Ampere's userform suggest the analyst to capture the important data from client required to create the model
-Helps Analyst to plan before hand than later. For instance, sensitivies / scenarios, VAT, which ratios & returns
-Helps in converting client's requirement into modelling problem, and thereby reducing the overall project development timeline
-Analyst is quickly able issue a draft model with limited info, which helps client to get an idea of initial return, structure, gather missing details

Benefits for newly assembled modelling team

-New consultancy firm with fresh team can be quickly guided to use Ampere with negligible learning curve
-And the team can start to create high quality models using Ampere from Day 1
-Burden on resources can be reduced with the ability to churn out models quickly
-All resources, models, templates which are built over the years and not readily available to a new firm, is available over Ampere
-Team with versalite background, varied experience will still be able to deliver standarised company-theme-specific models

Use Ampere to create your own customised models

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