1. Free Customised Models

This provide blank userform, wherein you can create model draft within minutes with Short and Easy specification forms. This is a generic userform where in many sectors are covered.
This is for a wireframe model and can be used to quickly set up model structure with all lines and chart of accounts populated in. Calculations are void but has integrated financial statements.

2. Corporate Finance

This is for an corporate entity and can be used for reporting, fund raising, etc. It primarily assumes going concern and use it to build timeline for 5, 10 (or more) years of forecast.
This provides pre-filled forms for startup case, to minimise effort of filling the forms. It has all the functionalites as of the generic one, but is pre-filled considering fund raising activities.
This is for SAAS (Software as a Service) projects. It considers 3 subscriptions products - Basic, Standard Premium with length being Monthly, Semi, Quartely and Annual.

3. Project Finance

This is for a bid model for project finance. It can be used build models for various types of projects with long timelines as required and option for funding requirement.
This is for Solar Power Generator. There are 3 revenue streams, grant, incentive and sale of energy. Also has insurance as prepaid costs and water charges as postpaid costs.
This allows for extensive financial analysis and projections for your off shore wind projects and investments. This includes 3 revenue categories, which can be customised, increased or decreased.
This modular template is for Toll roads projects. Deals with following types of vehicles 'Car/Jeep/Van, MiniBus, Bus, LCV, Trucks (2 axle), Trucks (3 axle), MAV (>3 axle)'.
This is for Real Estate, consisting of 3 apartment buildings, which will be sold to earn revenue. Costs include construction costs, land costs, Govt. approvals, brokerage and marketing.
This modular template is for Shipping Port projects. Considers revenue for Existing terminal and one for new terminal in planning, with two containers Full and Empty.

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