By Anurag K

Formula Tracer

A typical financial model has formulas left, right, top and bottom. Brimming with cell references located close by or far end of the sheet or a foreign sheet. Well not all models are built as per FAST ;) So modellers / auditors face challenges in checking formulas and identifying it's composition. Unfortunately excel doesn't provide a good method to navigate through far off references.

But Fortunately we provide the addin that does more than just tracing precedents. It helps decipher formulas very quickly and helps the modeller / auditor understand the model and turnaround the task rather in a short span of time.

Features of our Formula tracer

  • a) For any given formula cell, it shows each cells with different color shade.

  • b) Each cell reference in the formula now becomes clickable. Each click takes you to the exact cell reference.

  • c) Hovering on the cell shows the cell value

  • d) Not only cell refences are clickable, even functions like INDIRECT, OFFSET, INDEX-MATCH are clickable which takes you to the exact referred location.

  • e) Table references can also be traced the same way. Cheers to the Table lobby ;)

  • f) No need to use your mouse to trace a formula. The addin is triggered by shortcut Alt + C and all precedents can navigated by up and down key

  • g) For a model with a defined label column, (as in FAST) you can even see the labels of all the references used in the formula all at once. So tracing each reference might not necessary.

  • h) You can trace the formula to the source and to the begining input cell, by double clicking on the references.

  • i) You do not get lost in the model while tracing, as clicking on Esc, will take you to the original cell.

  • j) While tracing, it opens up hidden / grouped cells, so that you can see those cells for yourself, and set them back when you close.

The Formula Tracer is providing under EMF Pro Addin. How did you find the tool? Add your comments here!
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