Software - Ampere

EMF provides a world class, powerful model creation software with the ability to cut model build time drastically. We have been helping modellers to reduce the time by not reinventing the wheel and allowing them to create full fledged models using the software. The logic library used in the software is one of kind, built using decades of experience, highly flexibly and error proof.

Models can now be created by anyone in just 3 steps.
  1. Choose a Starting Template
  2. Provide Specifications Through Userforms
  3. Review & Submit Model Request

So, you just need give in your model specifications directly on the website, the rest of the work is left to the software for understanding the requirements and giving you a model based on FAST standard and fully compliant with best modelling practices.

Our software is highly secure, since no download or installation is required and no confidential information is asked, unlike other similar tools and services.

This is provided on subscription basis, where you only pay when the need arises, helping you to get your lost sleep during the busy season :)