By Tanvi & Sonali

Begin with End in Mind

Why do financial models become more complex? Have you come across the situation where after doing the complex calculations you realize that it is of no use? Should you include everything all kinds calculations, balance, permutation/combinations without knowing the end goal of the model?

By Anurag K

Key to really FAST modelling!

It took Fred three months to build his first model, needless to say he didn't get lot of sleep during those periods. The second model, Fred started, though a different business, large parts of the model required the exact same logic as his previous one, and same for the third one. Should there be a universal template which consists of all the logics he needs very frequently?

By Mayank J

How To Reduce Workbook Size And Improve Calculation Speed

This might not be the exhaustive post, which can guide you on how to optimize excel workbooks, I'm sharing some major findings which I recently came across while working on 200 MB size Excel based financial model.

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