Solar Park

Financial Model in Excel


This is an excel model created for solar park project, and was created using financial automation tool 'Ampere'. The model has been created with items as follows

1. Energy Generation has been calculated with Annual energy input in kWh and the capacity degrades over time.
2. After Transmission Losses the Net Energy Generation is calculated.
3. Revenue includes Sale of Energy and Sales of Carbon Credit Certificates
4. Costs include Operations & Maintenance, Insurance and others.
5. Major Capex items include PPM and Land
6. DSCR and MRA are maintained in the project
7. Funding is 80% Debt and 20% Equity. Pure Equity is an Input, Sub Debt is calculated as the rest.
8. Circularity Break Macro is incorporated.
9. Analysis Ratio includes DSCR, LLCR and returns NPV, IRR.

Other features
1. The calculations are neatly built and based on FAST modelling standard, UK
2. The whole model is highly structured and is easy to understand and make further changes
3. The model has pre-built "Dashboard" that has neatly arranged metrics driven by sheet "Dash Prep"
4. There is a "Check" sheet to track any mismatches in the model
5. And a "Track" sheet which can be used to save and compare key outputs across different version of the model
6. The Model has 3 scenarios and sensitivities built in, so that it easy to compare between base, high and low case.
7. Circularity Solve Macro, Save Track Macro, ToC update macro are built in the model

This model has been developed for getting bid price and dummy assumptions have been put into place.