Shipping Port

Financial Model in Excel


This is an excel model created for shipping port project, and was created using financial automation tool 'Ampere'. The model has the following features

1. The model has 1 year Actuals and assumes the port to be operational, and a new terminal needs to be built.
2. Four types of cargo are considered here 'Container', 'Liquid Bulk', 'Dry Bulk' and 'Break Bulk'.
3. Further different tariffs have set of Transshipment and Domestic cargo.
4. Costs include Direct Costs for processing each type of cargo, G&A, Salaries, Fuel Expenses, Electricity, Maintenance, Insurance and Rent.
5. Capex includes Development of New Terminal, Civil Works, Refurbishments and Port Equipments.
6. Funding has been raised as 70% Debt and 30% Equity.
7. Special Facility for Negative Cash has been introduced.
8. Analysis includes Debt/Equity Ratios, DSCR, LLCR, Margins, NPV, IRR, Payback period and Valuation.

Other features
1. The calculations are neatly built and based on FAST modelling standard, UK
2. The whole model is highly structured and is easy to understand and make further changes
3. The model is completely independent of the tool through which it was build. So in other words, just like a normal excel model, and anyone can make changes in it.
4. The model has pre-built "Dashboard" that has neatly arranged metrics driven by sheet "Dash Prep"
5. There is a "Check" sheet to track any mismatches in the model
6. And a "Track" sheet which can be used to save and compare key outputs across different version of the model
7. The Model has Actuals & Inputs Sheet for putting in historical and forecast assumptions
8. Circularity Solve Macro, Save Track Macro, ToC update macro are built in the model

This model has been developed considering the port authority is looking to construct and open a new terminal along with an existing terminal. IRR and NPV has been calculated along with Coverage Ratios like DSCR and LLCR, considering the new terminal funding requirements.